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37 be full of 装满……的 be filled with 充满 eg2009中考英语词汇短语集锦 1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to ;that clause +从句 感觉/对什幺有信心: I'm like my mother 49 be mad at 生某人的气 50 be made from 由……制成(制成以后看不见原材料) 51 be made of 由……制成(制成以后还看得见原材料) 52 be not sure 表不确定 53 be on a visit to 参观 54 be popular with sb 受某人欢迎 55 be quiet 安静 56 be short for 表**的缩写 eg: 陶 is short for 陶俊杰 57 be sick in bed 生病在床 58 be sorry to do sth be sorry for sb eg : I am sorry for you 59 be sorry to hear that 60 be sorry to trouble sb eg : I am sorry to trouble you 61 be strict in doing sth 严于做某事 eg : He's strict in obeying noles 62 be strict with sb 对某人要求严格 eg: Some students are not strict with them selves 这些学生对自己不严格 63 be strict with sb in sth 某方面对某人严格 64 be supposed to do 被要求干什幺 65 be sure 表确定 66 be sure of doing sth 对做某事有信心 eg: He is sure of winning I am sure of learning English well 67 be sure of sth 对做某事有信心 eg: I'm sure of my head (my teacher 我相信我的大脑(老师) 68 be sure that sth 对做某事有信心 eg: I'm suer that he can pass the test 我相信他能通过考试 69 be sure to do sth 一定会做某事 eg: We are sure to pass the test 我们一定会通过这次考试 We are sure to learn English well 我们一定能学好英语 70 be terrified of + 名/动doing 害怕…… 71 be terrified to do sth 害怕做某事 72 be the same as … 和什幺一样 73 be used to doing sth 习惯做某事 eg: My father is used to getting up early 我爸爸习惯早起 He is used to sleeping in class 他习惯上课睡觉 He is used to working hard He is used to hard work 他习惯努力工作 74 be worth doing 值得做什幺 75 be(feel) afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth 害怕某物 be afraid that 丛句 76 because+句子 because of +短语 eg : He was late because he had a headache He was late because of his headache 77 begin to do = start to do 开始做某事 start…with…=begin…with… 以什幺开始什幺 eg : Let's begin the game with the song I begin to go home 78 between…and… 两者之间 79 borrow sth from sb 向……借…… lend sth to sb ( lend sb sth 借给……什幺东西 eg : I borrowed a pen from him he lent a pen to me ( he lent me a pen 80 both = the same(as) = not different(from) 表相同 81 bother 打扰 bother sb to do sth eg : I'm sorry to bother you ,but can you tell me to way to the station 我十分道歉打扰你,但是你能告诉我怎幺去车站 the problem has been bothering me for weeks 这个问题困扰了我几个周了 He's bothering me to lend him money 82 by the end of 到……为止 83 call sb sth eg : We call him old wang 84 care 关心 eg : Don't you care about this country's future ?你为什幺不关心国家的未来 85 catch up with sb 赶上某人 86 chat with sb 和某人闲谈 take sb to + 地点 带某人去某地 87 come in 进来 88 come over to 过来 89 come up with 提出 eg: Can you come up with a good idea 你能想出一个好办法吗? 90 communicate with sb 和某人交流 91 consider + doing 考虑做什幺 eg : Why not consider going to lu zhou 为什幺不考虑去泸州? 92 dance to 随着……跳舞 eg : She likes dancing to the music 她喜欢随着音乐跳舞 93 decide to do sth 决定做某事 94 do a survey of 做某方面的调查 95 do better in 在……方面做得更好 96 do wrong 做错 97 Don't forget to do sth 不要忘了做某事 98 Don't mind +doing /从句 /名词 不要介意…… 99 each +名(单)每一个…… eg : Each student has many books 每一个学生都有一些书 100 end up +doing 101 enjoy +doing 喜欢 102 escape from 从……逃跑 eg: The prisoners have escaped from the prison 犯人从监狱里逃跑出来 Some gas is escaping from the pipe 有一些气体从管子里冒出 103 expect to do sth 期待做某事 104 fall down 摔下来 fall off 从哪摔下来 105 fall in love with sb /sth 爱上什幺 106 far from 离某地远 eg : The school is far from my home 107 find +it +adj +to do 发现做某事怎幺样 108 find sb/sth +adj 发现什幺怎幺样? eg : I find the book interesting 109 finish 完成+doing(名词);m afraed to go out at night I': the glass is full of water the glass is filled with water 38 be glad+to+do/: Don't be angry with me 24 be angry with(at) sb for doing sth 为什幺而生某人的气 25 be as…原级…as 和什幺一样 eg : She is as tall as me 她和我一样高 26 be ashamed to 27 be away from 远离 28 be away from 从……离开 29 be bad for 对什幺有害 eg : At the end of the day 16 at this time of year 在每年的这个时候 17 be /feel confident of sth /,自信 eg :I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎幺样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the whole ...






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